Saturday, 18 December 2010

How to clone a hackintosh hard drive on a mac

I have found that CLONING a hackintosh hard drive is a little difficult compared to cloning a PC hard drive. With a PC I can simply clone the drive with things like Ghost or Acronis tools. These are my favourites, but by no means the only method..

Tools needed for the job

  • iBoot bootable CD
  • Multibeast
  • Retail Copy of Snow Leopard
The first thing we need to know is that on the Snow Leopard bootable DVD there is something called Disk Utility. This little app is all you need to CLONE your hard drive. 

.. Yeah I know, I was shocked at that little gem of wisdom too!

With Disk Utility you can create an image of the whole hard drive. There is one very important step you need to take to make your CLONE work properly. In the toolbar click on Images > Scan image for Restore. This one single step, makes the image hardware independant. In other words you can restore your CLONED hard drive to any Mac regardless of the hardward used when the image was created!

Back in a sec ..


  1. so it will also copy the chamelon files and efi partition to the new drive?

  2. Cloning a Mac drive is not more than a baby's game for me. I use Stellar Drive Clone which doesn't need any expertise to run the tool. All you need to take care care about is - the size of destination drive must be larger than source drive.