Saturday, 18 December 2010

How to build a Hackintosh on an ASUS P5Q Motherboard

Download these files:

Retail Copy of Snow Leopard 10.6.3
Latest Apple Combo Update
Kext Helper

Extract and burn iBoot.iso to CD

Get a Flash drive or external usb hard drive ( at least 2GB ) and copy these files onto it.

Latest Apple Combo Update
Kext Helper

Restore the Snow Leopard Retail Install DVD 10.6.3 to USB Flash drive using Disk Utility on a MAC.

Setup BIOS as follows

Restore BIOS to Setup Defaults
Set to boot from CD first
Set power management to S3
Set ACPI mode 2
Set ALL hard drives to AHCI mode

Insert iBoot CD from step 1 reboot the computer. Once in iBoot insert your USB Flash Drive with Snow Leopard Retail 10.6.3 and hit F5 on the keyboard. You should see another icon appear after a few seconds. Select this icon and it enter to start the installation process. Fill in all the options as required. I un-tick all extra options like printers X11 etc. You can install this lot later. Once the install completes the computer will restart.

Once the computer has rebooted into iBoot, you will see another icon which is your newly created Mac installation. Select it and boot into Mac OS X Leopard. Setup the Mac as you want it. Don't worry about applications yet.

Open MultiBeast and install the Combo Update 10.6.5 from the flash drive ( step 2 ) DO NOT REBOOT YET ! Once the installation of the combo update has completed, click on MultiBeast and run it. Do not reboot yet!

Extract and to the desktop. Open Kext Helper and drag both the extracted kext files onto Kext Helper Type in your Mac password and run it.

Now take out the iBoot cd and reboot. You should now boot straight into Mac OS X Leopard.

Congrats! you are done.

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