Saturday, 14 August 2010

FreeNAS Default FTP Folder for Anonymous User Login

Heres how to setup your FreeNAS server to only show a specific directory / folder when an anonymous user logs in to the FTP service.  

1. Login to your FreeNAS server. 
2. Click Advanced. 
3. Click on File Editor. 
4. In the box type /etc/rc.d/proftpd 
5. Click on LOAD.
6. Locate the following line of text

proftpd_anonymousrootdir=${proftpd_anonymousrootdir:-"/mnt/ "} "

And change the text to your requirements..

This directory is CaSE SeNSiTiVe. Make sure you type the folder names correctly! 

7. Now click on SAVE
8. Now click on Services, FTP service and at the bottom click on SAVE AND RESTART. This will restart your FTP server and apply the changes.

These changes will be kept even if you power off the server and reboot.   

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