Friday, 16 July 2010

Setup FTP Server on FreeNAS

Logon to your FreeNAS server @ http://your-server-ip-address

  • user: admin
  • pass: freenas
  • click on services
  • click on FTP
  • put a tick in the ENABLE tick box (top right corner) and click on save and restart at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now setup the options as per below images :

In order for people to upload files to your server from outside your network and make them accessible by you inside your home network, you must set the following two options:

create mask 666
directory mask 000

I read this online somewhere..
Create mask(file) - set value to 111 and the logic is: 777 - 111 = 666 (final file mask)
Directory mask - set value to 000 and the logic is: 777 - 000 = 777 (final directory mask).

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